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Saturday, 9 July 2011

Past the half way mark

Apologies for the absence of last week's blog - the week disappeared and suddenly it was Friday again! We are now past the half way mark and technically only have three sessions left to complete our choreographic community. However, whilst we is a lack of remaining choreographic time we have an abundance of choreography to date!

Prior to a catch up on activity though it is important to announce our latest news:


Arts Odyssey will be presenting the culminating performance of 'Choreographing Community' on Sunday 31st July, 4pm at Richmix, Shoreditch.

We are very excited about the upcoming performance but are now aware we need to push on with collating our movement material, recapping and rehearsing it ready for Beth to link together to form one piece.

Last week (week 4) we started our last choreographic task. Splitting into two groups we used photos of Bermondsey and the local area (to be posted shortly) as stimuli to create still landscape formations with our bodies. Once we set these we worked on how to transition smoothly from one to the other. The aim was to do so in such a way that it was almost unnoticeable. This week we refined them and then made the most of a rare sunny Friday evening to try them outside, along the riverside and in the park. Jonathon (our lovely photographer) directed us into position and managed to prevent anyone falling into the Thames!

In addition to this newest section we worked on some simple walking patterns that Beth taught us. Once we had picked them up we improvised with them playing with starting and stopping, entering and exiting the space and interacting with each other. This week we also introduced hugs and handshakes to the improvisation (from our warm up last week) which descended into a lot of throwing each other about!

To summarise the movement material under our belts so far we have been working on several sections:

  • Body connection/linking duets and trios (started in week 1)

  • Walking Patterns to improvise with

  • The main phrase (taught by Beth)

  • Extension of main phrase - "arm bit" (only learnt by some dancers)

  • School of fish identity phrases (two group phrases)

  • Role solos (made from the thought shower and our list of roles in the community)

  • Landscape Formations

Over the last two sessions we have been remembering, recapping, rehearsing and refining this material and then experimenting with how we perform it. With the main phrase we have been trying out different facings in the room, starting and stopping at different points and playing with how dancers relate to each other.

We are very excited that Sabio Janiak, an incredible musician has agreed to write a section of our music for us. Have a look at his work:

Finally, we are very grateful to Lee Smikle (Artistic Director of Shoreditch Youth Dance and Artist in Residence at Richmix) for supporting Arts Odyssey and for organising for us to perform at Richmix. Shoreditch Youth Dance Company have a performance coming up on Friday 22 and Saturday 23 July 2011. I recommend you get there if you can!

Have a look: or ttp://

So, until next week - start rounding the troops for our performance on Sunday 31st July. It should be a treat and at a cost of FREE it is a steal!

Jumping over and dancing out......

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