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Friday, 29 July 2011

Two days to go!

This is a very overdue blog! Here commences a whirlwind tour of the last few weeks prior to our final performance on Sunday.

Since the last update we have structured a twenty minute piece with all of the choreographic sections created since week one. Beth has managed to incorporate our duets, solos, unison phrase, walking improvisation as well as a new quartet and ending! We pieced together a skeleton of this structure last Friday but had a few people missing so it was hard to picture the final product without them or edited music.

We had an additional session last Sunday and ventured out of our usual home at London Bubble to visit Laban (a dance conservatoire in Deptford). Beth and I both work at Laban so arranged for the group to come and see the building and rehearse in the beautiful studios. We were also very lucky to see the sunshine - perfect picnic weather! Despite having an extended rehearsal of 5 hours the day went flying by. It was a satisfying feeling to finish with a sketchy run through to the music we hoped to use for each section. 20 minutes of dancing!! What an achievement in 8 weeks!

Last Friday Jonathon took one group of dancers back outside to make the most of the nice evening and photograph some of their landscape sculptures by the river. He has taken some great snaps which will gradually creep their way onto the website shortly! (

Tonight is our final session at London Bubble :-( who have been lovely, welcoming hosts - we highly recommend them! Fingers crossed we have a full cast of dancers ready to polish, rehearse and refine ready for Sunday.

It has been a pleasure seeing and dancing with such lovely people for the last 8 weeks and I will definitely miss our Friday sessions. Do come and join us at Richmix, Venue 1 on Sunday. The dancers have a lot to be proud of and deserve the support! Plus it is free to see them dance beautifully!

Bring on Sunday funday!

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